Exciting news!

I have made the decision to join the amazing Alium Cult! Alium Cult is a collection of models, photographers, bloggers, artists etc who all have a special need or disability in some way or another. The idea is to promote body positivity in everyone via a range of creative ways. You can help support this … Continue reading Exciting news!


A-Z of love

  Nice positive simple post today 🙂 Here's A to Z of things I love. Alice in wonderland Bright hair C.I (crime and investigation channel) Disney E.Bay Family and friends Getaway's Horror Inside out Jinxx (my gecoko) Kraken Lion King/Lush Moana/music Netflix Overbuying (something i do a lot) Photoshoots Questions: nothing better than a good … Continue reading A-Z of love

When dark thoughts blur your mind

 do you ever feel not good enough? In general. No one sticks. Abandonment is all i know, only person who ever stuck around is my mum. Am i unloveable? Am i that damn annoying and impossible? anxiety and depression is taking over tonight i can feel it every part of me wants to disappear.

That crash

about 3 days high and I've been so low again. Close to tears for no damn reason low. A few peaks shoved in there and days where I've been numb and robotic and you have a mood update. Trying to focus on positives but its hard when my mind is picking any positives apart.   … Continue reading That crash