Who Is She?

So heres the very cliché all about me bit. Enjoy!

Name: If your looking for me online Rusti Rose but my friends like to shout Jazz at me

D.O.B: 26.12.1994 Christmas baby!!

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: Will return to this when I’m happier to put it on paper! Currently on a mission to lose weight at my biggest (CRY).


  • Student- BA (hons) Special educational needs and inclusion
  • Nursery Nurse- When Im not at uni I still try to make some money working in nursery’s
  • Model- The fat type (yes Im plus sized, yes people still take pretty pictures of me)
  • Vlogger- I rant and speak about my experiences on youtube


I’m also a huge horror fanatic.




Make up

Hate: Anyone who appears to be something there not. Lie’s, Cheat’s, Users, Abuser’. Have some respect for yourself, me and my friends and family and were get on fab.

I also run from spiders if you get them out of a container… will stare at them for ages behind glass.

That clicking noise when people crack there bones. CRINGE.